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Collegiate Women: NCRC Invitational
April 7, 2012; NCRC Invitational
Submitted by Sam Taylor.

Distance: 2000m, buoyed, floating starts.
Conditions: Light cross-tailwind early shifting to variable and light puffs of wind. Water conditions went from a little bit of chop in the AM to near perfect the rest of the day.
Comments: Great day of racing- thanks to all the officials and volunteers! See "Heats" for results of AM Varsity Women's 8 racing.

Varsity Eight Grand Final
Humboldt 7:05.4
Puget Sound 7:14.1
Lewis & Clark 7:19.2
Pacific Lutheran 7:24.1
Varsity Eight Petite Final:
Seattle Pacific 7:23.2
Willamette 7:24.5
Humboldt 2v 7:25.5
Mills 7:36.0
Varsity Eight C - Final:
U. of Oregon 7:49.6
Chapman 7:58.2
2nd Varsity Eight Grand Final
Puget Sound 7:12.9
Humboldt 7:23.2
Lewis & Clark 7:25.1
Mills 7:47.5
Varsity Four Grand Final
Humboldt 7:47.6
Puget Sound 8:20.0
Seattle Pacific 8:28.4
Varsity Four Petite Final:
Lewis & Clark 8:09.3
Willamette 8:11.8
Pacific Lutheran 8:17.5
Women's Novice 8
Lewis & Clark 7:43.8
Humboldt 7:49.5
Puget Sound 7:49.9
Humboldt 7:52.4
Mills 8:04.0
Women's Novice 4
Humboldt 8:09.0
Humboldt 8:19.5
U. of Oregon 8:33.3
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