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HS/Scholastic: Girls Fours
Brooks School vs. Groton
May 12, 2012; Lake Cochichewick
Submitted by Becca Smith.

Distance: 1450m
Conditions: Quartering tail wind of 5 mph at the start, shifting to a steady 10-15 mph tailwind through the body of the course, and gusting to more than 15 mph in the last 500m.
Comments: Race Order: 4, 3, 2, 1 Note: First boat race was restarted because a gust pushed Groton into the start buoy mid-start sequence. Third boat race was restarted because Groton caught a crab around 20 seconds in.

Varsity Four
Groton 5:23.4
Brooks 5:34.7

Third Four:
Groton 5:28.5
Brooks 5:41.2

Second Four
Groton 5:23.3
Brooks 5:30. 8

Fourth Four:
Groton 5:45.2
Brooks 5:53.1

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