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EARC LW Men: Joy Cup
MIT vs. Yale, Georgetown
April 10, 2010; Cambridge, MA
Submitted by Ted Benford.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Increasing, direct headwind with sustained winds growing from 8mph for first race to 17mph for last. Considerable chop built along with wind. Order of racing: 2F; 1F(11mph hw); 1V (14/15mph hw); 2V (16/17 mph hw); 3V4+ (16/17 mph hw)
Comments: The 3V 4+ race was shortened to 1000m due to the poor water conditions. Georgetown 2nd Varsity took on considerable water pre-race.

Varsity 8
Yale 6:53.55
Georgetown 6:54.44
MIT 7:11.30

2nd Varsity 8
Yale 7:16.6
Georgetown 8:19.5

Frosh/Novice 8
Yale 7:06.2
MIT 7:13.7
Georgetown 7:43.1

2nd Frosh/Novice 8
Yale 7:19.2
Georgetown 7:55.9

Yale - A 3:52.2
Georgetown 3:58.9
Yale - B 3:59.9
MIT 4:03.1

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