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Collegiate Men: WolverBuck Oar
The Ohio State University Crew Club vs. University of Michigan Men's Crew
November 20, 2010; Olentangy River, Columbus, OH
Submitted by Tom Madden.

Distance: 1500 M
Conditions: Except for an early fog delay, great racing conditions for all events. Very little wind and flat water. Racing against slight head current.
Comments: V8's went head to head over 1500 M course. V4's were time trial racing over 1400 M course. Frosh/Novice 8's were also time trial racing over 1400 M course in 2 flights. Michigan wins WolverBuck oar 18-6. Michigan leads series 17-2.

Varsity 8
UM 4:26.2
OSU 4:36.6
10 points to UM

Varsity Four
UM A 4:42.2
UM B 4:43.7
UM C 4:50.9
UM D 4:56.3
OSU 4:58.9

Frosh/Novice 8
OSU A 4:27.4
UM D 4:37.3
OSU C 4:40.8
UM B 4:46.7
OSU B 4:48.9

Alumni 8:
UM 4:34.8
OSU 5:09.3

2nd Frosh/Novice 8
UM C 4:56.0
OSU D 5:20.6
UM E 5:30.3
6 points to OSU

V4's (con't)
UM F 4:59.0
UM E 5:05.1
UM G 5:18.0
8 points to UM

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