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Collegiate Women: BIG EAST Invite
April 28, 2012; Eagle Creek Reservoir
Submitted by Brent Henningfeld.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: All finals raced on calm waters with a crosswind quartering at the head; all races started out of a floating start

Varsity Eight Grand Final
Notre Dame 6:41.0
Syracuse 6:41.6
Iowa 6:47.6
Louisville 6:51.2
Varsity Eight Petite Final:
West Virginia 7:11.9
Rutgers 7:15.4
2nd Varsity Eight Grand Final
Notre Dame 6:47.4
Syracuse 6:48.5
Iowa 6:55.0
Louisville 6:59.9
2nd Varsity 8 Petite Final:
Rutgers 7:28.6
West Virginia 7:31.7
Varsity Four Grand Final
Notre Dame 7:44.9
Syracuse 7:55.7
Louisville 8:05.1
Iowa 8:06.3
Varsity Four Petite Final:
West Virginia 8:23.2
Rutgers 8:38.5
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