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Collegiate Men: Duke University vs. Emory University
April 14, 2012; Lake Michie, NC
Submitted by Paul Menson.

Distance: 1900m
Conditions: All races: good water L8, N4 only: 5-10 mph tailwind from port with intermittent crosswind from port
Comments: Lane 1 had inside of slight turn at 900, worth ~2 sec. Noted in results. V4 race was repeated with a lane switch. Despite tight margin in L8, Duke clearly won by roughly one seat. Race order:V4, N8, V4 (lanes swtiched), L8, N4, V8, L4

Varsity 8
Emory 6:04.77
Duke (Inside) 6:07.52

Varsity Four
Emory 6:24.72
Duke (Inside) 6:29.81

Frosh/Novice 8
Emory (Inside) 6:20.45
Duke 7:00.50

Varsity Lightweight 8:
Duke 6:16.67
Emory (Inside) 6:16.84

Varsity Lightweight 4
Duke 6:48.85
Emory (Inside) 7:03.96

Varsity 4 (Flight 2):
Emory (Inside) 6:30.91
Duke 6:35.18

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