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EARC LW Men: Joy Cup
May 3, 2003; Derby, CT
Submitted by Col. Robert Hogan.

Distance: 2000 meters
Conditions: flat water, tailwind in upper 1000, switching to building headwind in lower thousand
Comments: * At 5:25 of the 1F race, M.I.T. caught a full over-the-head crab.

Varsity 8
Yale 6:00.4
M.I.T. 6:14.5

2nd Varsity 8
Yale 2V 6:03.9
Yale 3V 6:12.2
M.I.T. 6:42.4

Frosh/Novice 8
Yale 6:04.4
Yale 2F 6:29.8
M.I.T. 6:56.4*

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