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HS/Scholastic: Quinsigamond Cup (B & G eights)
April 28, 2012; Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester, MA
Submitted by Ann Carabillo.

Distance: 1500 Meters
Conditions: Crosswind from the Worcester shore. Often swirling to a cross/tailwind or a cross/headwind
Comments: Floating starts for all races. Some races started way over the line and some started above the line. Times between races cannot be compared. In the G3 race Simsbury caught a boat stopping crab, recovered and continued racing. Special thank you to St. John's and Shrewsbury for hosting the day and to all the coaches on the water and the land for working so hard to make the day run smoothly.

Men's Racing

1st Boys:
St. John's 4:46.8
Brookline 4:50.4
Simsbury 4:51.6
East Lyme 5:05.7
Middletown 5:10.8
Shrewsbury 5:11.3
Worcester 5:11.7

2nd Boys:
St. John's 4:12.0
Brookline 4:27.4
Simsbury 4:37.3
East Lyme 4:37.8
Shrewsbury 4:43.0
Worcester 5:09.9
Middletown 5:11.8

3rd Boys:
St. John's 5:12.3
Simsbury 5:26.1
Brookline 5:39.8
East Lyme 5:50.5
Shrewsbury 6:09.2
Middletown 6:27.2

4th Boys:
St. John's "A" 4:49.2
St. John's "C" 5:15.3
Simsbury 5:16.4
Shrewsbury 5:19.1
St. John's "B" 5:23.1
Brookline 5:50.3
East Lyme 6:10.8

Women's Racing

1st Girls:
Simsbury 5:12.5
East Lyme 5:15.2
Shrewsbury 5:19.8
Brookline 5:25.1
Worcester 5:34.0
Middletown 5:36.3

2nd Girls:
Simsbury 5:48.4
Shrewsbury 5:51.6
East Lyme 5:58.1
Middletown 6:05.2
Brookline 6:05.7
Worcester 6:06.3

3rd Girls:
Shrewsbury 5:19.2
Brookline 5:20.0
Middletown 5:26.5
East Lyme 5:35.3
Simsbury 5:36.7

4th Girls:
Simsbury 6:33.9
East Lyme 7:03.7

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