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Collegiate Women: University of Rhode Island vs. Dartmouth and Rutgers
April 6, 2013; Kingston, RI
Submitted by Jessica Lizzi.

Distance: 2000 m
Conditions: Strong head wind 15-18 mph, white caps, varsity 8 at slack tide. Other crews raced against a slight outgoing tide. Challenging for all crews.

Varsity 8
Rhode Island 8:23.23
Dartmouth 8:26.21
Rutgers 8:51.59

2nd Varsity 8
Dartmouth 8:25.97
Rhode Island 8:47.46
Rutgers 9:25.20

Varsity Four
Rhode Island 9:29.79
Dartmouth 9:39.30

Rhode Island 9:10.98
Rutgers 9:28.55

Dartmouth 9:17.56
Rhode Island 9:56.36
Rhode Island C 11:05.96

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