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Collegiate Women: UC Davis Women's Invitational
UC Davis vs. St. Mary's, Santa Clara
April 12, 2014; Port of Sacramento, West Sacramento, CA
Submitted by Carissa Adams.

Distance: 2000
Conditions: outgoing tide for the for V8 and JV8 changing to in coming tide for the N8, N4, V4.
Comments: UC Davis varsity four was composed of 4 rowers from the varsity eight.

Varsity 8
St. Mary's 7:00.39
UC Davis 7:12.39
Santa Clara 7:25.95

2nd Varsity 8
St. Mary's 7:11.74
UC Davis 7:35.17
Santa Clara 7:54.02

Varsity Four
UC Davis* 7:46.42
St. Mary's 7:53.26
Santa Clara 8:16.42

Frosh/Novice 8
St. Mary's 7:30.7
UC Davis 7:57.88

Novice 4
St. Mary's 8:25.7
UC Davis 8:56.8

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