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High School/Scholastic: Kent Invitational (Girl's Eights)
May 14, 2016; Lake Waramaug, New Preston CT
Submitted by Garrison Smith.

Distance: 1500 m
Conditions: Wind conditions were variable throughout the day. Even within races winds varied. There were cross winds, cross head winds and cross tail winds. As the day went on the tail wind increased. Because of this times between races should not be compared.
Comments: Races alternated with boys. Race order G1-B4-G3-B3-G2-B2-G4-B1.

Varsity 8
CBC 4:54.2
Kent 5:04.3
Simsbury 5:14.1
East Lyme 5:17.1
Farmington 5:27.2
Sacred Heart 5:41.0

2nd Varsity 8
CBC 5:12.0
Kent 5:17.6
Simsbury 5:29.7
East Lyme 5:38.0
Farmington 5:54.3
Sacred Heart 5:59.2

4th Boat:
CBC 5:14.1
Kent 5:25.4
Simsbury 5:38.9
Farmington 6:08.2

3rd boat
CBC 5:19.6
Kent 5:23.7
Simsbury 5:33.3
Farmington 5:55.8
East Lyme 5:58.7
Sacred Heart 6:11.1

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