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Collegiate Men: NCRC Invitational
April 7, 2012; Vancouver Lake, Vancouver WA
Submitted by Sam Taylor.

Distance: 2000m, buoyed, floating starts.
Conditions: Light cross-tail in the morning shifting to light and variable puffs of wind the rest of the day. Little bit of morning chop giving way to near-perfect water late.
Comments: Men's V8, V4, and N4 were split into two 'flights' and each was roughly seeded. Races were run back to back so times should be somewhat comprable. Lewis & Clark men's novice four rowed with two varsity rowers due to illness. Great day of racing- thanks to all the volunteers and officials.

Varsity 8
Western Washington 6:24.7
Humboldt 6:32.7
Lewis & Clark 6:33.0
Pacific Lutheran 6:34.8
Puget Sound 6:55.8

Varsity Four
Western Washington 6:53.3
Lewis & Clark 6:58.1
Seattle Pacific 7:00.4
Humboldt 7:11.1

Frosh/Novice 8
Humboldt 6:36.7
Western Washington 6:41.1
U. of Oregon 6:51.8
Puget Sound 7:01.0

Varsity Four "B":
Pacific Lutheran 7:12.0
Puget Sound 7:18.9
Willamette 7:32.5
U of Oregon 7:42.9
Portland State 8:09.4

Varsity 8 "B"
U. of Oregon 6:41.5
Seattle Pacific 6:56.7
Western Washington 2v 7:03.9
Puget Sound 2v 7:04.3

Men's 2nd Varsity Four:
Lewis & Clark 7:12.1
Western Washington 7:18.8
Humboldt lightweight 7:19.1
Willamette 7:24.8
Puget Sound 8:31.9

Men's Novice Four "A":
Oregon State 7:02.5
Seattle Pacific 7:18.1
Humboldt 7:42.7
Western Washington 8:34.5

Men's Novice Four "B":
Lewis & Clark (exhibition) 7:37.8
Humboldt lightweight 7:44.8
Pacific Lutheran 7:53.9
Willamette 7:54.9

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