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Collegiate Men: Williams vs Hobart
April 7, 2012; Fish Creek, Saratoga, NY
Submitted by Chris Chase.

Distance: 2000 meters
Conditions: Strong crossing Tailwind (17mph) turning into a crossing headwind by the WV8 race. Order of events: M2V8, WN8, MV8, W2V8, W1V8, W3V8, MF4, WV4
Comments: Well done to all crews.

Varsity 8
Williams 6:01.17
Hobart 6:12.05

2nd Varsity 8
Williams 3V 6:16.99
Williams 2V 6:17.54
Hobart 6:36.06
Williams 4V 6:51.99

Frosh Four
Williams 7:06.01
Hobart 7:17.34

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