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Crew of the Week for April 18, 2012

5322 Votes

Bryn Mawr WV4 33.1%
Grand Valley State MV8 33.1%
Wisconsin LW WN8 16.6%
LMU Women 13.2%
Nova Southeastern WV8  4.0%
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04/19/2012  2:22:00 PM
Bryn Mawr was ahead at 5. What happened?

04/19/2012  12:22:38 PM
We LOVE those Fightin' Owls of Bryn Mawr.

04/19/2012  6:08:13 AM
Awesome job Bryn Mawr. DIII with heart and talent. Huge win - well-deserved - long overdue. BRYN MAWR rocks.

04/19/2012  8:02:20 AM
Your username hints at a little Bias.......

04/19/2012  2:49:01 AM
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LMU Women: Emerging Underdogs - all heart, determination and will. -Polly Purebred

04/18/2012  5:35:28 PM
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Some magicians can walk on water, LMU Women can swim through land.

04/19/2012  6:06:44 AM

04/18/2012  4:26:26 PM
Wow, way to go NSU! Great to see some Div 2 school in the polls! Looks like this years NCAA will be a fast grand final and Nova Southeastern will for sure be giving a fight for the top spot! Awesome job at FIRAs ladies, good luck at SIRAs!

04/18/2012  1:35:31 PM
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Bryn Mawr's program is only 12 years old, and on average for the spring season, they never have more than a novice 4+ and a V8's worth of rowers. This is definitely a huge accomplishment for them.

04/18/2012  9:13:13 AM
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I wish I had opposable thumbs so I could operate a computer and vote for Wisconsin.

04/18/2012  4:00:11 AM
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Go LMU! You are doing so well this year - now on to wins at WCCs and WIRAs!