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What will you remember from 2010 Worlds?

1025 Votes

No medals for USA men 29.0%
USA W8+ dominance 26.0%
LM4- Final 13.7%
M2- final 11.5%
Racing conditions  6.1%
SWE wins W1x  5.0%
NZL medal haul  3.3%
Other  2.5%
GBR medal haul  1.9%
GBR W2x open water win  0.8%
New racing format  0.3%
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11/21/2010  8:19:43 PM
Great racing across the board, but how close was the LM4-? That was RIDIC. That event also had amazingly close semi-finals. Seeing so many nations so close took the cake man. mmm, cake.

11/21/2010  11:58:46 AM
With regards to the men's pair final. In post race commentary one of the announcer's, I think it was Martin Cross, claimed that this was one if the greatest rowing races that he had ever seen. Kudo's to Hamish Bond and Eric Murray for making pairs rowing so exciting to watch.

11/18/2010  2:04:08 PM
Congratulations to the NZ for such a well managed regatta, a special mention to the hundreds of volunteers, and for the race of the event......M2- final....without doubt!

11/18/2010  4:35:14 AM
the current leader is a valid choice (or else we wouldn't have included it), but i am really surprised that this is the main takeaway for so many people from a championships that included so much great (and crazy) racing. just my personal two cents - Ed

11/17/2010  9:49:46 AM
I voted "No medals for USA men" but, if the poll were for the most memorable race, I would have to go with the M2x. The way NZ came through GB at like a 45 was mind blowing.

11/18/2010  6:03:07 AM
Agreed. If I was from a different country the most memorable thing about the World Champs would be that doubles race, but being a guy from the U.S. its hard not to see the negative space.

11/16/2010  1:39:31 PM
I voted other because I think that the smashing victory of the German M8+ at the finish line against the British crew was one of the most memorable events of these years Worlds and gives an ambitioned outlook towards the next two years towards London 12 for this grown-up German crew of Ralf Holtmeyer.

11/16/2010  1:14:14 PM
If you vote other, post in the comments, thanks!