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Crew of the Week for April 11, 2012

4258 Votes

George Washington WV8 37.0%
Northeastern MV8 31.9%
Oxford 14.8%
Cornell WV8  8.7%
Penn WV8  7.6%
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04/12/2012  7:41:02 PM
Sorry...Northeastern was the clear winner. Undefeated to date and all their boats..F8. V8 and 2V8 are undefeated.......As underdogs they have clearly shown their strength and talent....SEABISCUIT !!!!!!! Give those brownies are run for their money...look them in the eye and blow them out of the water...Next week week !!!!

04/12/2012  2:16:54 PM
As said in my earlier comment, Northeastern is undefeated to date. They deserve the crew of the week.

04/12/2012  2:07:18 PM
Win or loose this poll let the results speak for themselves. This is simply a popularity contest.

04/12/2012  11:31:58 AM
First the George's Cup, then the 1998 Cup, and now the Wilkin's Bowl...keep it up G-dub! You got my vote!

04/12/2012  10:46:33 AM
Northeastern received my vote for CREW OF THE WEEK! Not only entering the BU vs NU race as an underdog, but also swept BU. NU has a great season ahead of them.

04/12/2012  10:01:56 AM
I have been extremely impressed by what the ladies at GW have accomplished this year. That Navy-GW race was one of the closest collegiate races I have ever seen. Those 2 crews were literally even to the last 250. It took a lot of heart for GW to pull through at the end. Had the GW V8 lost that race, their team would not have won the Wilkin's Cup at the regatta. They certainly deserve a shout out for that!

Heron Rider
04/12/2012  9:43:46 AM
Win, lose or draw, "Crew of the Week" is a just a beauty contest, not a race. Focus on burning the Brownies on Saturday! Go Huskies!

04/12/2012  8:55:01 AM
I would have preferred to see "Oxbridge" as a choice. Both crews had their race marred by protest and a clash that essentially determined the outcome. Not only did both crews deal with this on the water in their own ways but every single athlete demonstrated true class in the aftermath of the events. The statements by members of both crews were extremely impressive. The mutual respect the two crews have for each other and the sport was clear. I don't think that either Oxford or Cambridge can be included in this weeks poll unless they are included together.

04/12/2012  8:14:20 AM
George Washington women's program has always been an underdog. After losing to Navy 2 weeks prior by 3 seconds, they came back to beat them this weekend. Also, last year the crew finished 7th of 9 A-10 teams at championships last spring, with the final time being 38 seconds slower than St. Joe's, which they beat this weekend by open water. George Washington women's program has made huge strides and this weekend was a product of that.

04/12/2012  5:27:24 AM
Northeastern impressed me the most. Everyone had BU over them in the pick 'ems I looked at last week. The underdog sweep gets crew of the week in my opinion.

04/12/2012  4:54:22 AM
The fact that Oxford was 1-2 seats ahead of Cambridge at the point when the race stopped was huge. They had just come out of a big bend that would have given Cambridge a big advantage, and they were heading into a part of the course that would have given Oxford an advantage. The Boat Race is not a straight course; the bends in the river come into play big time.

04/11/2012  2:18:18 PM
Oxford...seriously?? So they didn't really prove themselves to be much better than Cambridge for the first 65% of the race. Then they ignored the umpire's warnings, steered out of their station, and in the ensuing clash broke an oar, costing them the race. Unfortunate? yes. But they were hardly robbed, and their misfortune was totally avoidable. Definitely not crew of the week.

04/11/2012  10:47:39 PM
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Although I have to admit--for the bowman to push himself to unconsciousness in the face of defeat...thats pretty badass.

04/11/2012  3:07:54 PM