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Crew of the Week for May 3, 2011

2985 Votes

Boston College MF8 30.2%
Sarasota Scullers WV8 26.2%
San Diego Women 12.2%
Harvard LMV8 11.6%
Yale LMF8 10.9%
Drexel MV8  8.9%
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05/09/2011  11:12:39 AM
If scullers wv8 is so good why wouldn't they race it at regionals to qualify for nationals? Crew of the week shouldn't be a team full of chickens like scullers who aren't brave enough to race their wv8 at regionals or nationals.

Cassidy Marryott
05/05/2011  12:54:40 PM
the scullers V8 race was probably the most exciting and amazing race that i have ever witnessed, i am glad to call myself a woman of the sarasota scullers after watching these girls succeed...go scullers go :)

05/05/2011  6:07:25 AM

05/05/2011  11:47:26 AM
Thats knecht cup. Bucknell and BC down to the line, in a fight for a second.
05/04/2011  8:36:41 PM
GO USD Toreros! The womens team has been exceptional, so many firsts it is amazing. Coach of the year with Kim, sweeping the WCCs and WIRAS.. in some really exciting races. Congratulations!

05/04/2011  9:58:24 AM
the sarasota scullers victory at the Florida State Champs was certainly an exciting race to watch. however, it's about time they won - with their squad having won the freshman 8+ 3 of the last 4 years (and taking silver the year they did not win). the recipe for success on the varsity level doesn't get much better than having that as a base.

05/04/2011  8:28:40 AM
Yes Congrats to all What a week! Also, forgot to mention: Sarasota's Women's Team consists of only 15 Varsity Rowers in 9-12th grades. This was incredible speed from a small group of hard working athletes!

05/04/2011  7:38:19 AM
Congrats San Diego! So many firsts in the history of the program this past weekend! You guys have come so far.

Barbara Rawe
05/04/2011  7:27:26 AM
Precisiion, skill, strength, heart and faith describes Sarasota Scullers WV8. As a spectator I witnessed the amazing come from behind exciting victory over Winter Parks WV8. Sarasota Scullers WV8 training and commitment shows in every race.

05/04/2011  6:35:46 AM
Congratulations to all of the boats that were nominated this week. All deserve great recognition for their accomplishments. I give my support to Boston College though. Being a collegiate club team, they raced extremely well against two varsity level recruited boats. One from a program that won the Temple Challenge Cup at Henley a few years back. This is no small feat for a team that relies almost entirely on walk on athletes.

05/04/2011  6:07:54 AM
I was in the sarasota scullers v8. It was the most amazing, satisfactory race of my life. We were hoping to win, but not expecting to considering we have only practised that most for 2 weeks. Our results were way better then even what our coach thought theyd be...we went from brig doth in the first 750 to finally passing winter park . It took so much heart and faith in our boat. Best race!

05/04/2011  9:52:00 AM
Yeah! It was amazing

05/04/2011  8:25:17 AM
Oh yeah... and with two Frosh in the boat!

05/04/2011  6:09:04 AM
Went from being fifth*

05/04/2011  5:46:41 AM
And it is a fact that 6 of these girls from Sarasota are Lightweights... they may be small, but they have huge hearts!

05/04/2011  5:13:31 AM
The Sarasota Scullers WV8 had an amazing come from behing victory in which at one point they were 2 to 3 seats open down on Winter Parks WV8. You also have to consider that 6 of the girls in that boat won the 2X and the 4X earlier that day, which makes their achievement that much more impressive.

05/04/2011  6:26:45 AM
and silver in the lightweight 2x too. 7 of the 8 were in 2 events, 5 of them have a silver and this gold, 2 of them have gold in the 2x and gold in the WV8+.

05/04/2011  5:45:42 AM
silver in the 4x. Still awesome i think.