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Crew of the Week for April 24, 2012

2804 Votes

Cornell MV8 45.0%
George Washington MV8 29.7%
Duke WN8 10.7%
Humboldt State WV8  9.0%
Nova Southeastern WV4  5.7%
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04/26/2012  12:18:24 PM
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If I could make a suggestion. When people submit a crew of the week, could there be a paragraph by each of the candidates as to why they should be crew of the week. I get why most of these teams are nominated, but there are some teams I sit there and I wonder why. Is there something going on that I don't know about?

04/26/2012  12:28:43 PM
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A blurb/explanation for the nomination of each finalist is posted here, each week:

04/26/2012  12:03:09 PM
Hats off to Humboldt State for moving ahead of Western Washinton in this weeks polls.

04/25/2012  9:04:14 AM
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GW winning SIRAs isn't that impressive on its own. However considering that they were doubted by the powers that be at SIRA then swept all the races for the 1v and 1f, that it was the first time GW won the SIRA regatta since 1997, and that as a result GW qualified for its first IRA bid since 2009, and only its second IRA bid since the bidding system started....that's a big weekend. Just wanted to lay out some facts.

04/26/2012  2:31:45 AM
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Not to mention the fact that their boat was named John Galt. How neat is that???