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What do you find yourself distracted by during rows?

697 Votes

bad technique of person in front of you 38.9%
randomness 13.5%
school 11.3%
breakfast  9.8%
the coxswain  7.3%
work  5.9%
other (tell us in comments)  5.6%
relationships with friends  5.0%
wanting to post stuff to facebook, twitter, etc  1.3%
family  1.0%
the cell phone under my seat  0.4%
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10/03/2011  6:20:03 AM
millions of tiny jellyfish - when they catch the sun just right, they sparkle. Very distracting.

10/01/2011  8:45:55 PM

09/30/2011  12:46:37 PM
partying on the weekend

Mike Smith
09/30/2011  11:52:16 AM
All the junk in the Passaic river that I need to navigate around

Bill Belden
09/30/2011  11:07:48 AM
coaches in launches who drive like they aere in a nascar race

09/30/2011  4:27:59 PM
yes but i hate the wake even more

09/30/2011  7:41:49 AM
It's been years but I used to hate the wake thrown up by inconsiderate power boats.

09/30/2011  7:27:44 AM
Bald Eagles flying overhead during practice. AMERICA!

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