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Crew of the Week for April 4, 2012

2228 Votes

Georgetown LM V8 28.8%
Jones/Masters TAMix2x 27.0%
Temple WV8 14.5%
Duke WV8 13.8%
Capital Junior LW W8  8.3%
Western Washington MV8  7.5%
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04/05/2012  12:19:14 PM
1 people like this
Duke Womens Rowing rocked at San Diego Crew Classic!!!! GO DUKE!!!!

04/05/2012  7:45:12 AM
2 people like this
Rob and Oksana- you were awesome at trials and so deserve to go to world!

04/05/2012  7:33:51 AM
2 people like this
Rob Jones and Oksana Masters you are a true inspiration! You both rocked it at trials! Keep making team USA proud!