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Caryn Davies - Four Years Later
Thursday, August 7, 2008
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Caryn Davies, stroke seat of the USA women's 8+

Read Caryn's 2004 Starting 5 here.

1. How have you prepared differently for this quadrennial than previous cycles?

As a more experienced member of the team this quadrennium I have tried to be more of a leader and to help my teammates know what to expect from the Olympics, just the way my older teammates did for me 4 years ago.

2. Did anything completely unexpected happen, or do you have any memorable or unusual stories from your previous Olympiad?

One of my boatmates swore on live national television when the reporter informed her that we had broken the world record.

3. Any/Most important advice for first time Olympians?

Remember it's just like the World Championships - the same people doing the same thing - but with more flags.

4. What was your state of mind like sitting in the starting block of your first Olympic race?

Reckless abandon. (We liked to get off the blocks quickly back then.)

5. What's different this time around/what will you do differently at this Olympics?

We will row a smarter race this time around. We've learned how to hang tough and really push the second 1000m.

6. Do you feel older/better/wiser/stronger/other?

Definitely all of the above. And also more focused and centered. All those things are going to help me perform my best come race day.

7. Does the phrase "the Olympics" ring differently the next time around?

No. Each Olympics is unique, so it's new every time.

8. As far as regattas go, comparing the olympics to different races (worlds, lucerne), is it a better or different regatta, or just higher stakes?

As far as I'm concerned it's exactly the same, but with more flags (see above).

Hometown: Ithaca, N.Y.
Current Residence: Princeton, N.J.
Club Affiliation: USRowing Training Center
Began Rowing: The Friend's School - Tasmania, Australia, 1996
Date of Birth: 4/14/1982
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 178
High School: Ithaca High School
Undergraduate Education: Harvard University, 2005
Current Coach: Tom Terhaar
Personal: Caryn is a seven-time senior national team member and two-time Olympian...She enjoys sailing, horseback riding, ballroom dancing and downhill skiing...As a senior at Harvard, she competed on the ballroom team...Caryn plans to attend graduate school in international relations at the University of Amsterdam next year and then go on to law school after her competitive career is over...She lists her most interesting job as her 2002 internship at an equine medical center in Ringoes, N.J...Caryn took up yoga as a freshman in college to help recover from a back injury...At first, she was more interested in the physical aspects of yoga, but she has gradually become more interested in the spiritual aspects the longer she has done it...She recently began teaching yoga classes to her teammates...Caryn lists her most memorable sporting achievement as beating all of the boys in her class to win the third-grade arm wrestling competition...She was part of the first-ever U.S. junior women's crew to win a gold medal at the Junior World Championships in 2000...Caryn lists C.R.A.S.H.-B's as her favorite place to compete, saying that it always terrified her but that she felt a strong sense of accomplishment and relief when it was over...She lists Whitney Post, her coach and training partner in high school, as the most influential person in her sporting career...Caryn said she learned most what she knows from Post, especially in the mental aspects of sports and life...Post now runs a sports psychology consulting company in Boston.


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08/12/2008  1:25:44 PM
Hottie - smart- strong . . .


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