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row2k Starting Five: Micah Boyd
Saturday, July 19, 2008
Ed Hewitt, row2k.com
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Micah Boyd, 4 seat of the USA men's 8+

1. What inspired you to go to your first rowing practice; was there anything memorable about it?

I was a fat kid looking for something to do and my brother got me interested in going. My first time ever on the water was a spring break trip in Louisiana. My rowing coach kept telling me not to put my feet on the bottom of the boat when getting in or I will break the boat. The coach told me a lot of things so the first thing I do when I step in the boat was putting my feet on the bottom of the hull and almost broke the boat.

2. Was there a practice, race or other event when you fell in love with the sport, or when you knew you might not be too bad at rowing? When you thought you could make the national team?

I feel like this sport is a love/hate relationship. When I do well or have a good practice I love the sport. But when things go wrong and have a bad practice I hate it. So I guess I have had more good practices than bad and that's when I knew I could make a team. Unfortunately, I still am not that good at rowing.

3. Best race/practice, worst race/practice?

I have had a lot of both, but the ones i remember best are the bad ones. One of my all time worst rows was Head of the Iowa 2003 with a 15 year old 4+ stern-loaded Vespoli with a 150 pound cox'n. Needless to say, we didn't win.

4. Best/Anything you've done in the sport no one knows about?

I aim to keep it that way.

5. Any/Most important advice for young rowers?

Remember that rowing really isn't that fun. But it can be very satisfying. So as long as you can keep motivated, keep enjoying it.

Hometown: St. Paul, Minn.
Current Residence: Philadelphia, Pa.
Club Affiliation: Penn AC
Began Rowing: Minnesota Boat Club, 1998
Date of Birth: 4/6/82
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210
High School: Central Senior High School
Undergraduate Education: University of Wisconsin
Occupation: Data Entry at TTC, LLC
Current Coaches: Mike Teti, Andy Medcalf
International Results: Won bronze in the pair with coxswain at the 2005 FISA World Championships.
National Results: Finished second in the pair at the second 2008 National Selection Regatta...Won the pair at the first 2008 National Selection Regatta...Won the pair with coxswain at the 2005 U.S. National Team Trials...Won the senior eight at the 2004 Canadian Henley...Won the four at the 2005 U.S. National Championships...Won the senior eight at the 2002 Canadian Henley...Finished second in the varsity eight at the 2002 Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) Championships...Won the varsity eight at the 2002 Eastern Men?s Sprints...Won the double sculls at the 2000 USRowing Youth Invitational.
Personal: Micah is a two-time national team member and first-time Olympian...He lists his most memorable sporting achievement as beating Harvard at the 2002 Eastern Sprints...Micah lists his personal hero as the late Kirby Puckett, the Hall of Fame outfielder from the Minnesota Twins, thanks to his heroics in the 1991 World Series...Micah wears his Minnesota Twins cap during races...His hobbies include banjo playing, bocce ball, music and collegiate hockey jerseys...Micah lists his favorite band as Ween...He said the most influential person in his sporting career has been his twin brother...Micah says if he wasn't rowing he would be working for the Department of Natural Resources or teaching elementary school...He lists hockey and baseball as his favorite sports other than rowing.


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07/22/2008  1:21:13 PM
Hey Micah - just wanted to say congratulations! I'm so proud of you! Steph Muth

07/19/2008  2:44:03 PM
Hey Micah! We are really proud of you and having been watching your development. Miriam keeps us posted in case we miss anything on Row2K. Good Luck in Beijing, we'll be watching. We were wondering if you would sign the oars you left at the club? Kirsten-MBC

07/19/2008  11:59:43 AM
In other news: Micah refuses to believe that Brett Favre would much rather play for the JETS than the VIKINGS! Ronnie Lott and Joey Browner (#47) are still two of the hardest-hitting defensive backs of all time.


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