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From Joe O'Connor: Tempe Town Lake Damm bursts a bladder
July 22, 2010

Photo thanks to Emily Burkett

From Joe O'Connor, Boating Coordinator on Tempe Town Lake:

On the evening of Tuesday, July 20 one of the bladders at our west end dam burst. As a result our man-made lake is now dry and it is expected to be this way for 90 days. The time line for the lake opening is as follows:
  1. The lake is currently closed to all boating and fishing. No one is allowed on any docks, allowed to cross any police barricades, or allowed on the lake bed.
  2. All 4 dam bladders will need to be replaced before the lake is opened. Currently two of the 4 bladders are on site, the third will be arriving in 3 - 4 weeks and the fourth will be a little slower but should be here in 8-10 weeks. After the last bladder is installed the lake will then take one to two weeks to fill up.
  3. The goal is to have the lake opened by early November, if all goes our way.
  4. We have had to cancel one of our Fall Boating events (Hot Head Rowing Regatta, Oct. 9), but all other lake events are currently on hold. Some of the Triathlons slated for September have been moved later in the year in expectation of the November opening.

    Thanks for your help...Okie


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