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Kaschper introduces new flyweight/lightweight 1x
February 13, 2006

Kaschper Racing Shells has introduced a new flyweight/lightweight single for 2006; the new design is 26' 3" / 8.0 meters in length, a full 13" shorter than the standard single. According to Kaschper, the shell is fully acceptable by FISA for racing at the elite level.

"The shell length reduction increases maneuverability for the shorter, lighter sculler, yet the tracking and run on this new design are still 'best in class,'" Kaschper said in a press release. "If you are less than 5'6" in height, and your weight is under 138 lbs., a new Kaschper Flyweight/Lightweight single may be your perfect fit!"

For more information, visit the Kaschper Racing Shells Web site.