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  1. Row2k Pick 'Em is provided for entertainment purposes only. Row2k makes no warranty, expresssed or otherwise, for this web application other than for user enjoyment.
  2. How does this work? Predict the outcome of racing. If your picks for any medallist position matches the actual outcome of the regatta, you will receive points as listed on the "Make Picks" page. At the end of the regatta, all user points are totalled up and a ranking is produced. Points vary by event, based on the size and "prestige" of the given event.

    In addition, you will receive 3 points for each medalist you pick correctly (even if that team doesn't win the medal you predicted).

  3. When can I make picks? The starting date for making picks in 2017 IRA Championships Pick 'Em is May 16, 2017. Entries close at midnight on June 1, 2017 (PDT). After entries close, additional picks will not be permitted, and changing your existing picks will no longer be possible.

    You don't need to make all of your picks at one time; you can pick a few events at a time as long as you complete all of your picks by the closing date.

  4. NOTE: Collegiate rowers will want to be sure that participation in row2k Pick 'Em does not interfere with or impact eligibility before participating.

    NCAA Regulations governing Student-Athletes and Bracket Contests

    • NCAA member colleges and universities have defined sports wagering as putting something at risk – such as an entry fee - with the opportunity to win something in return. Because of this, student-athletes, coaches and administrators may not participate in bracket competitions where there is both a required entry fee and an opportunity to win a prize.
    • Student-athletes and administrators may participate, under current NCAA rules, in bracket contests where there is no entry fee but a possibility of winning a prize. Some NCAA member schools, however, have chosen to ban student-athletes from participating in these types of bracket contests.

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