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Head Of The Charles Saturday Race Previews 2011
Friday, October 21, 2011
HOCR Office
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1 Grand-Master Men’s Singles (50+) 8:00 AM
Course Record: 18:54.30 (Lawrence Klecatsky, New York AC 1992) Competitors: 69
In the largest and potentially the most competitive singles event at the HOCR, expect some fast times with 2010 winner Peter MacGowan returning with Bow 1. MacGowan was just 1 second shy of the course record in 2010 starting form the back of the pack with bow 64. Macgowan will have to fight off bow 2, John Tracey, winner of the 2003 Men’s Senior Master 1x. Other strong competitors include Tim Hefferan (bow 3), Greg Stone (bow 4), David Gray (bow 31), and John Tunnicliffe (bow 36), winner of the 2010 Men’s Senior Master 2x. 2004 Champion Dennis Ruane will also challenge from Bow 5.

2 Grand-Master Women’s Singles (50+) 8:32 AM
Course Record: 20:55.728 (Margarita Jekabsons-Zezza, Lincoln Park BC, 2008) Competitors: 27
Margarita Zezza, three-time winner of the Women’s Grand Master Single returns again to compete against 2-time World Champion and the 2010 Silver Medalist in this event-division, CB Sands-Bohrer. Charmie Curran, in her 13th consecutive HOCR in a 1x, will chase these rowers from Bow 3. Theresa Batty, new to the event at Bow 14, could challenge from the middle of the pack.

3 Senior-Master Men’s Singles (40+) 8:55 AM
Course Record: 18:19.758 (Gregory Benning, Cambridge BC, 2007) Competitors: 48
James McGaffigan will lead the field after upsetting two time Olympic Silver Medalist Tom Bohrer (Bow 2) in 2010. Sean Wolf, a local rower and two-time National Team Member, will look for his first HOCR win starting with Bow 3. Greg Benning (Bow 40), current course record holder in the Men’s Senior Master 1x, will try to navigate his way through traffic to upset these three scullers.

4 Senior-Master Women’s Singles (40+) 9:09 AM
Course Record: 20:18.04 (Margarita Jekabsons-Zezza, 2003) Competitors: 29
Olwen Huxley (Bow 1) and Julie Dykema (Bow 2) move up from the Master Single to challenge 2010 winner Tina Vandersteel (Bow 3). Maureen Harriman (Bow 4), former member of the Canadian Lightweight National Team, and Lisa Schlenker, ten-time National Team Member and 2004 Olympian in the Lightweight Quad, will prove formidable competition.

5 Senior-Master Men’s Eights (50+) 9:25 AM
Course Record: 15:43.490 (Team Attager, 2007) Competitors: 44
This could be the year of the upset. Team Attager (Bow 1) will have to hold off Palm Beach Rowing Association (Bow 2) and an international field of Nereus (Bow 37), Mosman (38), and Berliner Ruder (Bow 44) to secure their sixth straight win in this event. California Rowing Club (Bow 35), a boat of former national team athletes, could also challenge. Melbourne University Boat Club (Bow 6), winners of the Grand Master Special Medal (60+), will look to take their second win in the category.

6 Senior-Master Women’s Eights (50+) 9:39AM
Course Record: 17:44.959 (Etats Unis, 2009) Competitors: 29
West Coast powerhouse Marin Rowing Club (Bow 2) will chase four-time HOCR Women’s Champions (in the Senior Master Eight and Master Eight), Etats Unis Rowing Club. Their sister club, 1980 Rowing Club, will challenge from Bow 3.

7 Senior-Master Men’s Fours (50+) 9:51AM
Course Record: 17:25.527 (Toronto Sculling Club, 2003) Competitors: 29
Look for a close race between four-time winners, 1980 Rowing Club and and two-time silver medalists Riverside Boat Club (Bow 2). Rocky Mountain Rowing Club will trade their skis for oars and hope to catch these crews from Bow 3. The Cambridge Boat Club entry with returning members from the 2010 Men’s Master Four silver medalist crew will challenge from Bow 19.

8 Senior-Master Women’s Fours (50+) 10:03 AM
Course Record: 19:48.392 (Watercat Rowing Club, 2007) Competitors: 23
With the 2010 first and second place boats not returning, this looks to be any woman’s race. Saugatuck will lead the field with Bow 1. For some wildcard entries, watch for the Toledo Rowing Club (Bow 17) and the Australian crew, Brisbane and GPS Rowing Club (Bow 15).

9 Senior-Master Men’s Doubles (50+) 10:19 AM
Course Record: 18:06.910. (Raimund Haberl & Rob Slocum, 2007) Competitors: 37
With 2010 Champions Tunnicliffe/Slocum parting ways to race singles, this looks to be the year for Narragansett’s Washburn/Pritchett to fight for the win. Watch for the new Belmont Hill School combination of Peter Kermond and Tom Darling, 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist, to challenge from Bow 10. Other strong combinations to keep an eye on include the Brisson Brothers with Bow 13 and Dryer/Miller, the 2010 60+ Special Medal winners in this event.

10 Senior-Master Women’s Doubles (50+) 10:34 AM
Course Record: 19:53.749 (Joan Linse & Susan Kinne, 2007) Competitors: 21
The top three doubles from 2010, Steckl/Tuite, Olin Santry/DeAngelis, and Snyder/Malacrida will all return for a steady battle. Trina Olin Santry and Gia DeAngelis won this event in 2009 and will look to regain their title.

11 Alumni Men’s Eights 10:55 AM
Course Record: 15:13.543 (Northeastern U Rowing Alumni, 2009) Competitors: 38
Northeastern University Alumni (Bow 1) will look for their third straight win but will have to defend against the two Dartmouth Alumni Boats fittingly named “Evergreen Boat Club” (Bows 2 and 3). In 2010, the age handicap for both these crews brought their adjusted time close to that of the young Northeastern Boat. HVL+ and Brown University Alumni could challenge from the back of the pack.

12 Alumni Women’s Eights 11:10 AM
Course Record: 17:18.152 (University of Virginia Alumnae, 2009) Competitors: 30
All top 5 crews from last year’s Women’s Alumni 8 will return for what looks to be an NCAA Division I/III re-match. University of Virginia, two-time winners, will defend against Yale at Bow 2 (“Boola Boola”), Stanford at Bow 3, Brown at Bow 4, and Ithaca at Bow 5. New entry, University of Wisconsin Alumni will challenge from the last Bow, #30.

13 Club Men’s Singles 11:19 AM
Course Record: (Nat Keohane, Harvard Sculling Club, 1997) Competitors: 67
1998 Men’s Club Single winner, Aleks Zosuls returns as a heavy favorite. Zosuls finished 8th in the Men’s Lightweight Single in 2010 and will lead the Club Single field with Bow 1. Rob Rasmussen, a member of the 2010 Junior National Team and Bow 2 in this event also moves to the Club Single from last year’s Lightweight event. Several fast youth scullers will compete for the Youth Special Medal including last year’s winner Nicholas Timmons (Bow 7) and Czech Sculler, Matyas Zetek (Bow 26). Look for strong performances from UK Sculler Tim Daines (Bow 21) and former U23 Irish National Team Member Dan Murphy (Bow 38).

14 Club Women’s Singles 11:38 AM
Course Record: 20:26.59 (Josee Paquette, Ottawa RC, 1997) Competitors: 39
Two scullers, Regina Kennedy (Bow 1) and Carey Connell (Bow 2) move from the 2010 Lightweight Single to lead this event. Of the 39 entries, a record high of 15 athletes will compete for the Youth Special Medal including sisters Jill and Jasmine McGill, 2011 Youth Nationals Champion (Bows 23 and 28), Jenna Herbert (Bow 38), and local rower Clare Goslant (Bow 7). If you’re looking for dark horses from abroad, watch for Kiwi sculler, Hana McEwnad (Bow 32), Norwegian sculler, Nina Mjaaland (Bow 39), and Eliza van Lennep rowing under the banner of Riverside Boat Club with Bow 24.

15 Club Men’s Fours 11:56 AM
Course Record: 16:33.88 (Charles River Rowing Assn., 2002) Competitors: 53
Last year’s winner, Peterborough Rowing Club will lead with Bow 1. But the race to watch here will be the heated local rivalry between Union Boat Club (Bow 2) and Riverside Boat Club (Bow 3), both former winners of this event. The Club Fours tend to be the most difficult to predict with new line-ups each year and club, alumni, and collegiate rowers of varying experience and age levels all competing.

16 Club Women’s Fours 12:46 PM
Course Record: 18:35.004 (Riverside Boat Club, 2008) Competitors: 46
Watch for Lincoln Park Boat Club to capture their second win in the event. The Women’s Club Four is a true wild-card race this year with fast entries from local crews, Boston University (Bow 31), Boston College (Bow 7), and Riverside Boat Club (Bow 28) and international entrants from Pembroke College Boat Club, Cambridge (Bow 37) and Vancouver Rowing Club (Bow 17), which is celebrating their club’s 125th anniversary this year.

17 Club Men’s Eights 12:50 PM
Course Record: 14:56.49 (Onota Lake Rowing Assn., 1997) Competitors: 39
Harvard University (Bow 1) returns this year looking for their third win in four years. Their toughest competition will be from another local crew, Boston University (Bow 2), the Dutch crew ASR Nereus (Bow 32), and the Germans Deutscher Ruder-Club, new to the event and starting at the back of the pack with Bow 36.

18 Club Women’s Eights 1:07 PM
Course Record: 16:47.894 (Yale University, 2008) Competitors: 27
With Riverside Boat Club, 2010 winners in this event-division, moving to the Championship Eight, the first place medal is up for grabs. Yale University will lead the field with Bow 1. Look for good competition from Community Rowing, Inc., at Bow 2. This field has a variety of entries including University of Alabama (Bow 6), Miami University (Bow 19), and the German boat Neusser Ruderverein (Bow 25).

19 Master Men’s Doubles 1:27 PM
Course Record: 17:13.68 (Mike Smith, Dan Gorriaran, 2003) Competitors: 19
With last year’s winning combination of Jay Manson and Greg Benning splitting apart, six-time winners of this event-division and current course record holders Dan Gorriaran and Michael Smith look to take back the title. They will have to hold off former Austrian National Team members, Meinhard Hausleitner and Sigl Wolfgang (Bow 9) and Riverside’s pairing of Rob White and Kevin McDonnell (Bow 6).

20 Master Women’s Doubles 1:39 PM
Course Record: 18:49.721 (Teresa Zarzeczny-Bell, Saiya Remmier, 2008) Competitors: 19
The Cambridge Boat Club Bow 1 entry of Theresa Zarzecny-Bell and Saiya Remmler return to this event looking for their fifth straight win. They’ll be challenged by Linda Muri, three time World Champion, paired with Lindsay Burns Barbier, 1996 Olympic Silver Medalist (Bow 2). A potential CBC upset could come at the hands of the UVRF/Narragansett combination of Carin Reynolds and Tracy Glover, starting with Bow 3.

21 Master Men’s Fours 1:55 PM
Course Record: 17:03.38 (Belfast RC, 1997) Competitors: 20
Palm Beach Rowing Association, Bow 1, is back looking for their third straight win. Dueling Cambridge Boat Club’s entries will start with Bows 2 and 3 and are both hungry to take back this event after their four-year winning streak was broken in 2009 by PBRA. Watch for Charles River Rowing Association starting with Bow 13 to upset long-standing CBC/PBRA rivalry. Shanghai Rowing Club is a wildcard international entry in this event.

22 Master Women’s Fours 2:07 PM
Course Record: 18:42.838 (Minnesota BC, 2008) Competitors: 21
Course record holder Minnesota Boat Club is back with Bow 1 looking for their fifth straight title. MBC could be challenged by Saugatuck Boat Club (Bow 2), winners of this event in 2000 and 2004, and new entries to this event including Colorado Rowing (Bow 15) and the Australian Commercial Rowing Club (Bow 18).

23 Master Men’s Eights (40+) 2:26 PM
Course Record: 15:16.139 (Leander BC, ON 2001) Competitors: 21
With last year’s winner not returning, Ed Winchester (the voice and pen of Rowing News) and his Kennebacasis Rowing Club will look to take the title. They’ll need a clean shot at the course to hold off two fast local crews at the back of the pack: Northeastern University Alumni (Bow 18) and Riverside Boat Club (Bow 19). 1987 Rowing Club (Bow 5) and The Old Lights (Bow 7) also boast several former National Team Members but their performance is difficult to predict.

24 Master Women’s Eights (40+) 2:37 PM
Course Record: 17:14.17 (Long Beach RC, CA 2001) Competitors: 17
Cornell Reunion Crew BMA Boat Club returns to this event after their 2010 win from the back of the pack. They’ll be chased by Toronto Sculling Club, 2009 winners of this event, and Marin Rowing Association at bow positions 2 and 3, respectively. Bow 14, Team Woznack, will row not just to hold pace against the crews around them but also in support of their former coxswain, Helen Woznack, who was injured this summer in a devastating accident. Competitors will see a handful of other participants in this year’s HOCR all rowing in support of Helen as “Team Woznack.”

25 Championship Men’s Doubles 2:51 PM
Course Record: 16:01.20 (Boston Rowing Center, 1992) Competitors: 22
The Men’s Champ 2x could be the race of the day with several lightweights pairing up to take on 2-time HOCR Champions and the 2011 US Men’s 2x, Tom Graves and Peter Graves (Bow 1). Lightweight phenom Andrew Campbell and Harvard Alum Austin Meyer of the 2011 US Men’s Lightweight Eight, will prove good competition against the famed Graves brothers. Other scullers to watch include the 2011 US Men’s Pan Am 2x of Ackelsberg/Quinn, Italian National Team Athletes Vicino/Leopoldo, and the Portuguese Lightweight 2x of Perdro/Nuno.

26 Championship Women’s Doubles 3:01 PM
Course Record: 17:46, 037 (Emma Twigg, Juliette Haigh, 2008) Competitors: 22
The RBC/Penn AC combination of Siobhan Steyn and Catherine Reddick are the only returning entry to this field. As such, they will lead with Bow 1 but will have to face some incredible lightweight competition from Jen Goldsack and Jen Daley in Bow 3 and Lindsey Hochman and Katherine Robinson in Bow 4. International scullers from ASR Nereus van der Pauw/Steenman (Bow 4) and Dutch entry VKRF – AGO Francois/Blondell (Bow 2) have extensive international racing experience and could also challenge for the win.

27 Collegiate Men’s Fours 3:15 PM
Course Record: 16:26.721 (University of Michigan, 2008) Competitors: 41
Three New England schools lead this event in WPI (Bow 1), Wesleyan University (Bow 2) and the University of Massachusetts (Bow 3). Watch for big moves from new competitors Rollins College (Bow 30), Lehigh University (Bow 32) and University of California – Davis. Milwaukee School of Engineering (Bow 31) is also making their first-ever appearance.

28 Collegiate Women’s Fours 3:27 PM
Course Record: 18:54.730 (Western RC, 2008) Competitors: 31
Emory University leads this field hoping to be the first crew in this event to secure back-to-back wins. Trinity, 2009 winners, will contend at Bow 2. Bowdoin College (Bow 10) is known for their strong performances in fours and will look for their first win in this event.

29 Championship Men’s Singles 3:43 PM
Course Record: 17:29.80 (John Biglow, Yale Univ., 1982) Competitors: 33
Michael Sivigny returns to this event looking for his third straight title but he’ll have to hold off the famed Kiwi and 2011 World Champion, Mahe Drysdale, a four time World Champion and 1x World Record holder (bow 8). Both of these scullers could be challenged by Fraser Berkhout of Ridley Graduate Boat Club (Bow 27), Dom Grimm of Sydney Rowing Club (Bow 21), and Bradley Jowitt of West End Rowing Club (Bow 16). All of these scullers have experience competing for their respective National Teams in international competition. Watch for some strong performances from junior scullers in this event with 2011 Junior National Team Members Oliver Salonna (Bow 15), Jon Rosow (Bow 25), and Craig Slater (Bow 33). Rosow is 17 years old and the youngest athlete participating in this event.

30 Championship Women’s Singles 3:55 PM
Course Record: 18:45.60 (Virginia Gilder, Boston RC, 1982) Competitors: 27
Local favorite and the 2008 and 2010 Champion, Gevvie Stone, returns with Bow 1. Her biggest rival in this event will be Kiwi Emma Twigg (Bow 4), bronze medalist in the 1x at the 2011 World Championships. Also watch for strong performances from Australian Monique Heinke (Bow 19) and four-time National Teamer Sarah Trowbridge (Bow 11).


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