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row2k Exclusives
The Sport of Rowing: Chapter 103 - The Legend Grows
Harry Parker and the 1972 Olympics
by Peter Mallory
posted on April 18, 2011

This week’s excerpt from Peter Mallory's extraordinary work-in-progress on the history of rowing follows Harry Parker’s career into the 1970s and describes some of his influence on other programs in the United States.

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04/24/2011  5:15:53 PM
These recent chapters have been wonderful visits to the past for me. I rowed at Brooks with Gene Clapp and as he mentions, pulled the same style of stroke rowing heavyweight and lightweight at Harvard in the early seventies. Rowing for Washburn and Parker, Gladstone and Higginson, coxed by Weinberg and others, enjoying the company of the Rude and Smooth guys so well described by the hilarious Peter Lowe ("How rude is THAT!?") was sheer delight and raucous good fun.