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row2k Poll: Should Ursula Grobler attempt tripling up at Worlds?
by Erik Dresser, row2k.com
posted on September 25, 2010

Grobler racing to victory in the Champ 1x at the 2009 HotC
Ursula Grobler has already qualified for the USA LW2x, with Abby Broughton, but is racing at trials next week in the both the LW1x and LW4x. If she were to win all the trials should she attempt to triple up? Read the details and vote below. Feel free to comment on the poll to let us know what you think!

Something to consider from coach Carlos Dinares:

  • "Priority of racing is the LW2x, LW4x, then LW1x. So any potential issue (weather, injury, etc.) that would put the LW2x at risk may result in a scratch in the LW4x or LW1x."

    "Results of the poll will be taken under consideration for the final decision of what she will enter for Worlds, if she wins the two (trials) events and has the right to race the three events in New Zealand."

    Some PROS:

  • It has never been done before, and the first person always has to take the risk
  • This could elevate lightweight women's rowing in the USA which has been on the back burner for some time
  • Winning three medals

    Some CONS:

  • The quick turn around between the 2x final and 1x semifinal and weigh in
  • Overextending and placing the other events at risk

    Results here