Competitive Edge
Combining Erg Corrections
All Things Considered
August 1, 2017
At the Texas Rowing Center, Masters rowers have all the variables of age, weight and gender factored into the results of club erg competitions. Take a look at how all the computations balanced out.  more

Training the Core
January 11, 2017
Tips for understanding and training the "core."  more

Maintaining strength during the racing season is a key part of balancing your training.  more

In Part I of this article I established how the rowing machine places different demands on the human body. In Part II, I will outline a warm-up routine that you can do for the rowing machine or boat that provides a solution to the different stresses placed upon the body.  more

It is often assumed that the rowing stroke on a rowing machine (static or sliders) and in the boat is the same, but there are several key differences.  more

Resolutions? Rowers don't need no stinkin' Resolutions!  more

Eric Murray's Erg Record
Of Numbers and Physics
January 5, 2016
There are a few basic concepts of physics necessary to understand the difference between the mechanics of a "static" rowing machine (like a Concept2 Model D/E) and one that runs on a slide (or sliders, in the case of the C2).  more

The Holiday De-Training Challenge
December 28, 2015
A break in a training macrocycle is often a good thing, but if you are wary of letting it go on too long, you have good reason to be concerned.  more

More and more athletes and athletic teams are discovering the benefits of implementing a yoga practice to enhance performance in their chosen sport. Some of the obvious pluses include improved flexibility, core strength, kinesthetic/somatic awareness, injury prevention, and mental focus.  more

Care and feeding of rowing blisters
Swiss Cheese Hands
January 14, 2014
Blisters have always been an annoyance for rowers, but here are few tricks we have found to prevent them and to treat them once they happen.  more

Coach Kaehler
Squats for rowers
May 22, 2012
Rowing is one of the few sports that significantly benefits from strengthening the hip and knee joints through a full range of motion. One of the most effective training movements that offers this range of motion is the squat.  more

Are you frustrated with your current rowing technique? Tired of hearing your coach make the same comments to you over and over again? You’ve been working hard to make the suggested changes, but feel like you’re getting nowhere. Over time, both you and your coach accept your ‘rowing flaws” as inherent and permanent limitations. Or are they?  more

Coach Kaehler
Barefoot Running for Rowers
April 3, 2012
Barefoot shoes versus conventional running shoes: Which is right for your outdoor cross-training program?  more

Are you getting enough reach at the catch? Tired of your coach yelling at you to ‘get longer’, or fed-up with rigging yourself to row like you’re 6’8”? The fact is that the length of a rower’s stroke is a common concern for many rowing coaches.  more

Coach Kaehler
Hydration and Training
February 6, 2012
Even mild dehydration can adversely affect performance. These basic guidelines will help you effectively monitor your hydration, and maximize your training and athletic performance.  more

Coach Kaehler
An erg is an erg!
January 30, 2012
Coaches and clients often ask me my thoughts on different types of ergometers (ergs). Determining which erg is right for you is a issue of personal preference, as well as your ability to tolerate change-of-direction forces.  more

Coach Kaehler
Loosen Up!
January 11, 2012
There are two key ways to improve your overall stretching effectiveness and both will make noticeable improvements in your flexibility and post-training discomfort.  Building these two stretching techniques into your warm-up helps ensure that you can stay mobile and fluid.  more

Coach Kaehler
‘Tis the season to shake it up!
December 12, 2011
Build new elements of endurance into your training program early in your off-season, to add variety and improve your Body Balance.  more

Coach Kaehler
Shift Your 'Rest' Paradigm
November 21, 2011
Do you ever take more than one day off of your training program? To many athletes, the term ‘rest’ is perceived as negative and even stressful.  more

Coach Kaehler
Pace Yourself
November 16, 2011
Are you heading back to the erg this winter to prepare for a 2k race? If so, do you have a set pace strategy for your race? Getting your pacing right can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to reaching your peak on race day.  more

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