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Crew of the Week - 2014
March 31, 2014
Erik Dresser,

Did your crew or a crew you know of have a great race over the weekend? Nominate them for row2k's first "Crew of the Week" poll for 2014.

Nominations must be submitted by 5PM EDT on Tuesday. row2k will then select the finalists for poll voting until Thursday at 5pm. The crew with the most votes will be recognized as row2k's "Crew of the Week."

Nomination criteria in 50 words or less:

  • Convince row2k that your crew executed an exceptional race or overcame difficult conditions and or opponent to win.
  • row2k will select crews from the following categories for the poll.
    • College Men's Heavyweight
    • College Women's Openweight
    • College Lightweight
    • Junior
    • Club/Masters/Elite
  • Only a crew's performance during the previous week will be taken into account during selection.
  • Any crew that wins "Crew of the Week" will be excluded for the rest of the season. (Except for national championship week)

Previous Weeks

  • June 3
    • Winner - Radcliffe Women's Lightweight Varsity 8+ - Won their event at the IRA after trailing Stanford by one length with 500m to go. The win ended Stanford's four year winning streak in the event.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Cal Men's 2nd Varsity 8+, Columbia Men's Lightweight Varsity 4+, Cornell Men's Lightweight Varsity 8+, Trinity Women, Washington Men's Varsity 8+
  • May 27
    • Winner - Holy Spirit Girls Lightweight 8+ - Won third straight SRAA National Championships with 7 new kids.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Deerfield Girls Varsity 4+, Michigan Men, Orange Coast Men's Freshmen 8+, Roman Catholic Men's Lightweight 4x, UC Santa Barbara Crew
  • May 20
    • Winner - Boston University Women's Varsity 8+ - Seeded 4th for the Patriot League Championships, the crew won to clinch the team championship for the Terriers.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Brown Men's Freshmen 8+, Columbia Lightweight Men, Conestoga Women's Scullers, Harvard Heavyweight Men's Varsity 8+, Oklahoma City Lightweight Women's 2x, Penn Lightweight Men's Freshmen 8+, Princeton Women's Openweight Varsity 8+, Stanford Women
  • May 13
    • Winner - Bates Women - Won gold in the 1V, 2V, 3V, and V4 at ECACs, every event the team entered.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Bowdoin Women's Varsity 4+, Clarkson Men's 2-, Humboldt STate Women's Varsity 4+, Michigan Men, MIT Men's Lightweight Varsity 8+, Oklahoma City Men, PNRA Girls Lightweight Varsity 4+, Williams Men's Freshmen 8+
  • May 6
    • Winner - Boston College Men - Won team points trophy at New England Rowing Championships for the first time in 17 years, with every one of its crews making its grand final.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Boston University Lightweight Women's 2nd Varsity 8+, Navy Women's Varsity 8+, Northeastern Men's 2nd Varsity 8+, Oakland Strokes Junior Men's Varsity 8+, St. Alban's Junior Men's Varsity 8+, Stanford Women, Trinity Women
  • April 29
    • Winner - Wesleyan Women's 2nd Varsity 8+ - Beat William's 2V for the first time in 14 years.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Delaware Lightweight Men's Varsity 8+, Jacksonville Women, LMU Men's Varsity 4+, Princeton Lightweight Men's Varsity 8+, UC Santa Barbara Men, William Smith Women
  • April 22
    • Winner - Linda Muri - Freshmen coach of the Harvard Lightweight men, Muri ran the Boston Marathon in under five hours on Monday after traveling with, and coaching her crew to victories in Annapolis and Princeton over the weekend. This, all while undergoing multiple chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer that was diagnosed a month ago.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - George Washington Men, High Point Men's Varsity 2-, Indiana Women's 2nd Varsity 8+, Michigan Women's Varsity 8+, Oregon State Men's Varsity 8+, Radcliffe Lightweight Women's Varsity 8+
  • April 15
    • Winner - UMass Women's Varsity 8+ - Won their event at the Knecht Cup following a last place finish there in 2013.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Bucknell Men's Freshmen 8+, Hobart Men's Varsity 8+, Mercyhurst Lightweight Men's 2-, Princeton Lightweight Women's Varsity 8+, Roman Catholic Men's Varsity 4x, Trinity Women's Varsity 8+
  • April 8
    • Winner - Cornell Men's Lightweight Varsity 8+ - Defeated #3 Harvard to hand the Crimson their first dual race loss since 2009.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Delaware Lightweight Men's Varsity 8+, Long Beach Women's Masters 8+, Marin Junior Men, Stanford Women's 2nd Varsity 8+, Wellesley Women's Varsity 8+
  • April 1
    • Winner - Penn Men's Heavyweight Varsity 8+ - Swept their three races at the Penn Invite, including an upset of #2 Northeastern. Won the Burk cup for only the second time since 2002.
    • Voting Results
    • Finalists - Brown Women's Varsity 8+, Michigan Men's Varsity 8+, Navy Women, Tulsa Women's Varsity 8+, Virginia Women's Varsity 8+

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