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Master's Trilogy
by Mike "Sully" Sullivan
posted on September 15, 1997

The Man Who Would Be In The Eight

An erg under boxes and bicycles
betrayed many years of excuse
clean under layers of wood dust
unspun, unpulled on, unuse.
The footboard was yet to be pushed on
the seat ne'er supported a weight
should have been all the hints that were needed
to keep the man out of the eight.

A racer he was in his youthtide
strong, long, and lean in his prime
And prime he still was in his mind's eye
undefiled by such trivia as training time
Spandex he doths without mercy
but of him it could not accomodate
he leaked and bulged at the stress points
this man who would be in the eight.

A shiny Empacher appeared then
In the racks of the Master full club
To race in it many did covet
Ah but there was only one rub
seven seats were up for the choosing
of the fittest of the once-were-great
the other reserved for the buyer
this man who would be in the eight

Full Slide Is Too Far To Go

catch right together, come out clean
this is the way to row.
push the legs a little - that's enough
in my new uni, I look kinda buff
hatchets make puddles - that's the stuff
but full slide's too far to go.

Keep my head up - look real mean
my hands have the perfect grip
Our brand new eight is a pretty shell
It cost us thousands but what the hell
Two days a week it serves us well
still full slide's too far a trip.

Back to the dock, it's 7:15
I'll wheel my Explorer through Latte-To-Go
full attendance this morning, this weekend we're facing
a cross country flight to a regatta we're racing
I've a mileage upgrade so to heck with the spacing
full slide is too far to go

Look At Me, I'm Sculling

Look at me, I'm sculling
I got a new boat and oars
a fancy place to keep them in
a place to park my Porsche
I'm out every other morning
unless I'm feeling sick
can't you hear me coming?
chunk whooooshh tick tick tick tick

Look at me, I'm sculling
round the bouys today I'll go
steady state I'll call it
(my euphamism for going slow)
My course and mind they wander
fancies and plans, take my pick
what I shoulda said to that jetski
chunk whooooshh tick tick tick tick

Look at me, I'm sculling
for 10 strokes, I concentrate
I can catch the water quickly
I sit up and swing, it feels great
I can do this at will, I know it
clean finishes, releases are slick
the 10 strokes are almost over
chunk whooooshh tick tick tick tick