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Christening of the Charlie Grimes
posted on August 12, 2007

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To Mr. Hart Perry National Rowing Foundation July 22, 2007 It is with great regret that I cannot join you for the Christening of the Charlie Grimes, but I am presently home bound with a broken leg. I am very glad that Charlie can be honored in this very appropriate way. I remember Charlie as a person with a humorous, gruff exterior, but those who knew him realized that he was really a warm, generous and loyal friend. Charlie was also the kind of crewmate that you could always count on, when the chips were down, to pull not only his weight, but some of yours as well. Although Charlie never wanted his generosity known or his goodness memorialized, it is wonderful to know that his many friends in the rowing community have seen fit to honor him in this way. May those who row in the Charlie Grimes have the strength, competitiveness, courage and team spirit that Charlie had. And may you have much success in this boat. Sincerely, David H. Wight 1956 Crew