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8,999 Meters
by John McAdams
posted on June 13, 2006

Nothing quite like a warm bath in the morning...

I got up at 5AM... checked outside... just a slight drizzle... checked the weather channel... just a few scattered showers... sun coming up... drizzle slowing down... no wind whatsoever... decided to go for it... drove down to the river... rain had completely stopped... river absolutely flat...

Rowed down to route 130... best conditions ever... rowed back to cuthbert... best time ever... so much fun i think i'll do it again... back down to 130... but wait, what are those tiny circles on the water? fish? bugs? no, just a little rain. better do my last 2,000 meters and get home.

And then... a rumble... thunder? nah... just a truck... another rumble... another truck? THEN THE SKY OPENED UP! thunder and lightning everywhere! and me still 1500 meters from the dock!

Never knew i could row so fast! coming in for my landing... uh-oh, not enuff angle... will i make it? damn... i'm sideways 3' from the dock... what now? more thunder/lightning... how do u make a boat go sideways? row backwards some first? "row" with the oar on the dock? maybe i can reach the dock if i just lean a little???

Next thing i know i'm in the water - no idea how my feet came out of the shoes. fortunately the cooper river is only 3' deep - but under the 3' of water is a good 2' of muck!

Why is it that rowing the first 8,999 meters is so easy and that last 1 meter so difficult???

Good day all,
John McAdams, soggy rower/swimmer