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Top Features of 2018: Rowing the Atlantic at 19, Lightweight Rowing, and more!
January 2, 2019

Whether it was technique, physiology, people, or ideas, row2k covered the full spectrum of rowing again in 2018. Below are our our ten most-read rowing features from the past year!

1: Crossing the Atlantic Ocean Solo at 19: Capsizing in 40 Foot Waves and Setting Records for Ocean Conservation
February 5, 2018

Oliver Crane was facing a decision three of his siblings had already dealt with - what to do in the year between high school and college.

Something in the Crane family genes has the kids looking past traditional "gap" year activities, like traveling, volunteering and soul searching to find life's direction.

When Oliver, 19, finished his senior year of high school at the Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ, he needed to find his gap year mission before beginning his freshman year at Princeton University. Read the full story

Harvard University lightweight practice in Newell
2: Making Noise - Collegiate Lightweight Rowing Holds Its Place
March 8, 2018

Through most of the winter and into the early spring, in the boathouses of the schools that compete in the Eastern Sprints league, the scene inside Harvard's Newell is the pretty much the same: rooms full of ergs jammed wall to wall with more lightweight athletes than there are seats in the boat bays. At these boathouses, there is no shortage of athletes competing for a spot on one of the most competitive racing categories in collegiate rowing.

While the sustainability of lightweight rowing is being questioned on the junior and international levels, and the overall number of lightweight programs in the US is relatively small and concentrated, collegiate rowing in the Eastern Sprints, perhaps the last bastion of lightweight rowing in the United States rowing, is holding fast. Read the full story

Go time!
Workout Jams
3: row2k's Winter Erg Playlist: 2017-2018
January 9, 2018

Here's row2k's list of the 15 erg songs for your winter 2017-2018 erg playlist and listening pleasure.   Read the full story

#5 Grace Prendergast of New Zealand
row2k World Rower Rankings 2018
4: The Ranking: Women 1 to 5
October 10, 2018

Following the conclusion of the 2018 World Rowing Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, here is row2k's new rankings for the top 15 men's and women's rowers in the world. This is an objective ranking of based off results at Olympic and World Championship regattas.   Read the full story

Navy senior Caleb Robertson
5: Navy's Caleb Robertson
March 7, 2018

This week's row2k Interview is with Navy senior captain Caleb Robertson, who suffered a serious military training injury in the fall of his junior year and has rehabbed his way back to being a major contributor to the Navy Heavyweights.   Read the full story

Graf with coxswain Rosemary Ostfeld after she coxed in the boat race
6: A Timeless Inspiration: Norman T. Graf, 1925 - 2018
September 26, 2018

In his more than 50 years of coaching, Norm Graf's timeless passion for rowing inspired a long list of men and women to follow his example and join him in the career he loved and continued to do until well into his 90s.   Read the full story

7: Junior Lightweight Rowing: Solutions Will Not Come Easy
January 29, 2018

Even before the junior lightweight study committee begins to dig deep into the questions they are facing; before a proposal can be made to keep or eliminate lightweight categories in junior rowing and replace them with age-based events; it would appear that lightweight rowing is unlikely to be eliminated unless the entire rowing community, every club and scholastic program can agree to an acceptable solution.

A daunting, and almost unachievable, task; that, anyway, is a dominant opinion among both those who believe it is time to eliminate junior lightweight rowing and those that say they will continue to support it.  Read the full story

Lightweight Men's Double Medal Ceremony at the 2016 Olympics.
8: Olympic Lightweight Rowing's Survival Remains a Question Past Tokyo
July 31, 2018

The vote to remove the men' lightweight four from from the Olympic schedule may have achieved the desired gender equality the International Olympic Committee was asking of FISA, but while the vote kept the men's and women's lightweight double sculls on the schedule for the 2020 Games, lightweight rowing in the Olympics remains a question for the IOC.   Read the full story

9: Technique Feature: Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them
June 19, 2018

While every rower is different, year after year we see people making the same mistakes, so I try to tackle the most common ones, their causes and how to fix them.    Read the full story

Dreissigacker with her coaches after being named to the Olympic Team
10: Accident Leads to Second Shot at Olympic Dream as Dreissigacker Makes US Biathlon Team
January 15, 2018

Emily Dreissigacker was nearing the end of her dream to make a US Olympic rowing team when an accident led to a new sport and a second chance. Last week, Dreissigacker made it count when she earned a place on the 2018 Olympic Biathlon Team that will compete next month in Korea.   Read the full story


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