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If you're rowing in Texas while Dick Cheney's out hunting, what boat should you row?
by Marc Monplaisir
posted on February 20, 2006

1. An Empacher - bright yellow so Dick Cheney doesn't shoot you.

2. A Resolute - sleek black carbon fiber so that if Dick Cheney shoots you, he'll think it's classified and keep it a secret.

3. A Hudson - so that if Dick Cheney shoots you, he can claim you were on Canadian property and detain you at Guantanamo till after the election.

4. A WinTech - since the new models have self-bailers and Dick Cheney seems to have a problem with leaks.

:-) all in good fun. This is how the brain entertains itself during a 25K erg piece.

Anybody have any others they want to post?

Marc Monplaisir
Nereid Boat Club, USA