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An Ode to the 8
by A.J. Dominique
posted on April 27, 2005

I'm a cox'n for LSU's newly established crew. Unfortunately, we just sank our last working condition boat in our debris-ridden, 2-ft. deep lake. In commemoration of such an event, one of our rower/cox'n wrote a poem:

Long, sleek, top of the line
30 years later
Now you are mine.

Heavy, outdated, full of wood
You gave us the best that you could.

Foot stretchers made of tied-up straps
Ready to drown us all if the boat ever caps.
Riggers mismatched between this boat and another,
And who knows what happened to our rudder?
A skegless wonder that we fought to keep straight,
Brought down too soon by a rock in the lake.

Now you lay wounded, busted at the seam
A powerful engine taken of its steam.
We thank you for your service
And we wish you well
As next you put novices through living hell.

While we'll have a new boat
Lighter and faster,
We'll always be grateful
For our 30 year old Kaschper.