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Torque gets first!!!
by Lew Cuyler
posted on June 28, 2004

Yo, Jurgen -- Headline makes it look better than it actually was. There were three old guys in the race, two of us 71 and the other 68. I know the other 71 year old, Steve Gurney and he is a very good masters rower from New Haven. I beat him at the Head of the Housatonic last year, then he turned around and beat me at the Head of the Charles where both of us did well. I think he was 4th and I was 6th out of 21. So I thought...OK, this will make the series 2 out of 3. But he never showed up at the start. The 68 year old, in the meantime, had only been rowing for about three years. I beat him handily by about seven lengths in rough water so the race was a walk in the park. Then the computer got the results screwed up for this and other races and the final showed he had won. So I protested and they said there were a lot of problems and they would send me a medal when they got it straightened out. But, what the hell, we were first. ...lew