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A Rowing Billet-Doux
posted on December 19, 2002

my love is as everlasting as the endless rhythm of the oars
Hey guys...

For this story, I have left out the names of the crews involved and the real names of people. Although it will put you on the floor laughing, the author of the letter probably did not intend for it to be found on ROW2K.COM. However this is just too funny to pass up. Also, the person to whom the letter is written was OK with me sending you the letter, so here we go...

As I was leaving the water this morning, headed back to the school, a friend from the girls crew that rows right beside us came over to me and gave me a book with a withered rose and a note taped to it. Appearantly the book needed to be returned to a crew mate of mine. She asked me to give it to "Dave", and that it was from "Julie" [obviously not their real names]. So we were halfway back to the school when I turned to the guys in the car and said "listen, it's not in an envelope or anything, and my guess is that Dave won't care if we read it." And so I read the note aloud for everyone in the car, as I broke into tears laughing. And so I thought it would make sense for me to share this letter with the rowing world (make note of the rowing references). You will laugh, I guarantee...

Please forgive me for taking your book. Mine is like a boat with a broken rigger. The bee of love has stung me. Oh, but if only the bee would sting you, too! (Well, actually, after a bee stings someone it dies right? I really wouldn't know. But perhaps if maybe a bee from that same hive of sweet honey were to sting you I would not be so lonely (except I'm not lonely, I'm in love. Well, actually infatuation...I think?) My dearest, though this rose may wither and die, my love is as everlasting as the endless rhythm of the oars of the finest vespoli being rowed on that eternal race to paradise. Till we exchange words again, my pineapple of perfection!


So are you laughing? Crying?I just wonder why she would compare her love to that of a vespoli. Weak. She could have at least mentioned Empacher. Better yet Hudson.Hope this brightens up your day folks...