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Note from Shawn Scholl
posted on April 2, 2000

The following is a rebuttal to "Making waves, Kremmling's Scholl aims for Olympics as rower after coming up short in decathlon, cycling," an article that ran in the Rocky Mountain News and was posted on row2k on March 29. row2k is more than obliged to give Shawn a voice in reply.

I would like to see if you can post a quick rebuttal to an article that appeared in the "Rocky Mountain News" regarding myself, Shawn Scholl.

During my phone conversation with Rocky Mountain News, some facts were taken out of content. I was asked to describe my experiences with the athletes here in Augusta Georgia. As you know, only the highest caliber athletes are training here in Augusta. In the article, there is a quote that would have you believe that I do not think highly of the people training here. That is untrue! Specifically, the quote regarding "head cases" did not pertain to the rowers here in Augusta, but to "athletes" as a whole. I was trying to convey to a non athlete the atmosphere that is prevalent during an Olympic year. You must understand there are many talented individuals here who are trying for just 7 seats. It is natural for people working toward a difficult goal to take their work seriously. It happens all the time. It happens in the business world, as well as in the athletic world. Everyone has different ways of dealing with stress. Being one of the older athletes at the Training Center, I have "been around the block" a few more times than younger athletes. Though not in this rowing, I have learned to take the stress of training in stride.

There was also a mention of me laughing at a psychology video. I never attended the video. I do not remember my quote exactly, but since I never attended the video, I feel the article was misleading.

Furthermore, I also never said anything to Rocky Mountain News about being the strongest or lowest percent body fat athlete in Augusta.

My experiences at the training center have been nothing but positive. I have learned a tremendous amount from the coaching staff and from the athletes themselves.

Thank you for your time.

Shawn Scholl