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A Letter from a Loving "Rowing" Spouse
by Matt Sargent
posted on October 1, 1997

A Letter from a Loving "Rowing" Spouse

The following letter was posted to Usenet by Matt Sargent, who was privy to the private email exchange of a married couple (Katy and Dustan) who had traded some strokes that very morning. The writer of the note was coxswain of the winning eight; her husband stroked (and, importantly, steered) the losing quad. Reprinted with permission of the original poster, and the writer; much thanks for letting us post the note here. Marraige counselor types, rest easy; their relationship was described as "an awesome, if sometimes competitive, marriage."
Matt Sargent 

Newsgroups: rec.sport.rowing

Subject: A Letter from a Loving "Rowing" Spouse

The below message was e-mailed from the coxswain of one of our eights at

the San Diego Rowing Club to her husband who was in another San Diego

boat.  Both boats conducted a competitive "practice" head race this

morning with the husband losing out to the wife.  The below message is

from the wife to the husband.  Just a warning to all you who try to get

your "significant other" into rowing:

Just writing to remind you that you will have to do the dishes tonight since your boat lost this morning. Maybe you can draft the roommate, Mr. O'Neil, into helping you. Nice attempt at snaking me on the turns but you can't make those kinds of moves without the muscle to back them up. A couple theories - maybe there were too many beer-swilling types in the stern and next time you should spread the rowers whose name start w/ "O' " thru the boat more evenly; or, maybe, Dodd and Mikey are just a stronger bow pair than you and John. Have a nice day honey!