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Crew Classic: Corki Rawlings to Receive the Patty Wyatt Lifetime Achievement Award
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
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Our founder, Patty Wyatt, set guidelines to promote fair racing for all concerned. The San Diego Crew Classic is proud to award the 2017 Patty Wyatt Achievement Award to Barbara "Corki" Rawlings. Corki is a longtime official and friend of the sport of rowing. There is no one who more epitomizes the love and dedication to rowing that Patty showed than Corki does.

Barbara 'Corki' Rawlings

Since she became a referee, she has constantly given of her time and energy to help anyone in rowing (as well as canoe/kayak) in countless ways. She has worked with numerous new referees, giving them thoughtful advice, kind guidance, and positive reminders of how to be the best referees. Corki is the mother of sons Billy, Bob and Brian Whitford, all well-known to rowing and canoe/kayak folks.

Corki has worked any assignment, for any amount of time, under any conditions with a smile on her face, without complaint and with an attitude that the rest of us can only try to emulate. Our sport has been lifted by her participation and we are very pleased to recognize Corki with this award.


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