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Coach Tricks: PVC Megaphone Holder
by row2k hackers
posted on September 5, 2012

3-inch PVC is a perfect fit for most megaphones.
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Ever lost a megaphone to the deep? If you have, then you know that they float for a maddening, "you can't catch me" second, AND you definitely need this hack: the PVC Megaphone Holster--it will help keep your megaphone shipped and steady everytime you put it down.

One hacker we know started using this after the third time a cautiously perched megaphone slipped, bounced, and slid right off the back of a wakeless launch. The fix (apart from yet another trip to Radio Shack) was to hack up a 6 inch length of 3-inch PVC pipe. Why? Because that size PVC pipe fits neatly inside the bell of the megaphone. Once it was attached to the seat deck with a handy PVC closet flange that set the pipe vertical, this "holster" ensured that the fourth megaphone of that fall now had a handy spot to be secured every time it got put down.

We've seen a few variations on this hack. The photos at right make use of a grip rail on the steering console, and we have even seen them mounted at a 45 degree angle on the outside of the console on the newest kinds of wakeless launches. The easiest way to attach a PVC Megaphone Holster to just about any launch, though, is to get a closet flange and simply screw it to the seat deck next to you. They even have a two-part swivel flange which lets you simply unscrew the vertical bit of the set-up when it might be in the way, and it allows you to use this trick pretty much any flat surface in your launch where you would be setting your megaphone down anyhow.

As cool as we think the PVC version of this holster is--after all, no Rowing Hack can pass up a trip to Home Depot and a chance to shop in a section (Plumbing) that otherwise has nothing to do with rowing--we have seen it hacked one better on a recent trip to upstate New York. Milk crates abound up in dairy land, and as you can see in this photo, they do a pretty good job holstering megaphones of any size.

One you have one of these holsters set up, gone are the days of losing megaphones overboard, or even just having them topple over and get wet or cracked in the bottom of your launch. Even if you don't care much for your megaphone, or you go the old school (and smart) route with a non-power megaphone that, you know, floats, this hack has another great use to recommend it: your coffee cup will also find a perfect fit inside the PVC Holster . . . and that's why on a real Hacker's launch you might just find two of these hacks.

Have a coach trick that works wonders on your launch? Share your tips--and hacks--in the comments below.

Have a great rowing hack for future inclusion here? Send it to us!


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