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Row2k Columns Despite our myriad differences, rowers of all sorts belong to a tribe, a pack. Our commonalities may indeed be more compelling than our disagreements; we can only hope it true of one of the ultimate team sports.

Alessandra Phillips is a sculler at Vesper/Undine boat clubs in Philadelphia.

The title of her column, The Song of the Pack, comes from the last line of Jack London's Call of the Wild. Phillips writes that The Song of the Pack "seems to embody the dual nature of the sport, at least for me -- the individualism and the group mentality (both as a crew and in the sense of matching yourself against competitors) that are equally important to anyone who enjoys rowing. I hope to write on the aspects of the sport that appeal to everyone."

We hope you enjoy Alessandra's writing and observations, the song of one of our own, a member of the pack.