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Rowing Hack: Right Guard on your feet
by row2k hackers
posted on January 20, 2016

Lets face it. It’s really cold outside! Some of us aren’t able to row because our body of water is frozen. On the other hand, some of us have “rowable” water, but we have to deal with bitter cold temperatures when we row (unless you live in So Cal or Florida).

For those who are still able and willing to braving the cold, the NFL may have a solution for you. To keep warm during games, NFL players wear all sorts of expensive cold weather gear and specialty equipment. Not all of us can afford really expensive cold weather attire, so when we came across this “old school hack” it piqued our interest.

Sports Illustrated wrote on article on how NFL players stay warm during cold weather games. One solution, which has apparently been a common practice for many years, is to use Right Guard. By spraying Right Guard on their feet before a game, players perspire less. With less moisture in their socks, the warmer their feet felt during a game.

While you can't beat a good pair of wool socks out on the water, a bit of Right Guard may keep your toes just a bit warmer. At the very least the shoes in your shell might smell a little better this winter.

Do you have other creative ways to stay warm at practice? Please share in the comments below!

Have a great rowing hack to suggest for future inclusion here? Send it to us!


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01/22/2016  3:05:16 PM
Mountaineers used to put their feet in plastic bags before layering thin to thick socks to reduce insensitive sweat. Now we have poly wet/dry socks from kayaking to do the same thing.

01/22/2016  1:55:42 PM
I always suggest just taking a towel, extra socks (in case you need to switch, from getting wet) or another layer and laying it across the feet while rowing. Just keeping the cold air and spray off the feet and ankles will also help-

01/22/2016  1:04:31 PM
It has to be Right Guard with anti-perspirant, not plain Right Guard deodorant. Right Guard Sport has anti-perspirant.