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PR? How about WR?!?
by Tony Clifton
posted on May 8, 2013

World record, sinking, whatever

Rowers! It is time for you to get your $&!# together. Surely you have seen how all the people who set off on Atlantic crossings are not merely rowing a silly long way, but are in fact each and every one of them making a "world record attempt" - yes? Well, this is rowing championship season, and if you are going to a championship - and who isn't - then it stands to reason that you are going to make a world record attempt as well, no?

There are a lot of people rowing in the Dad Vails, and about 40 or 50 times that many racing in the Stotesbury, and then there are all the little, sideshow regattas like the Pac-12s, Sprints, and NCAA and Eye-ras. If you are racing in those and you are not trying to set a world record, you should be cut. Let your crew row a seven, they are better off without your world record-less carcass.

So contact your sports information people, local newspapers, even local TV, and set them straight - this isn't just a race, you could potentially set a world record!

With the amount of rain that just fell in Philadelphia, it is possible.


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05/16/2013  9:28:06 PM
I set world records every time I get out of bed.

05/11/2013  12:00:34 AM
I did break a world record with the Mercyhurst University Rowing Team! 24 hours straight erging!

05/10/2013  8:21:39 PM
WTF? I don't understand this at all.

05/09/2013  8:00:36 AM
Fabulous. Keep up the good work, Tony. Andy Lives.

05/08/2013  8:20:09 PM
2 people like this
Who are you and why does row2k still allow you to post on their site?

05/16/2013  9:28:59 PM
Lighten up. It's funny.