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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cincinnati Indoor Villa Hills, KY. Erg. c: Erin O'Grady , email: Host: Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Minnesota Power Pull Rochester, MN. Erg. c: Suzanne Viggiano , email: Host: Rochester Rowing Club of Minnesota. 

Atlanta Erg Sprints Atlanta, GA. Erg. , email: Host: Georgia Tech. 

Novice Regatta Orlando, FL. HS. c: Linda Larson , email: Host: Lake Brantley Rowing Association. 

Pacific Novice Invitational San Francisco, CA. Junior. c: Mike Knapp , email: Host: Pacific Rowing Club. 

Pepsi Open Indoor Rowing Championships Topeka, KS- Lake Pepsi-Topeka Pepsi Dist. Ctr.. Master - Open - Collegiate Men - Collegiate Women - Collegiate Men & Women - HS - Junior - Novice - Coxn - Erg. c: DON CRAIG , 4046 SHILOH CT TECUMSEH, KS 66542 , ph: 785.845.9726 , f: 206.426.1009 , email: c: HANK MILLER. Host: TOPROW.  Entry Deadline: February 14, 2016.